About Western States Metal Roofing – Owner & Operator of MetalCarport.com

Western States Decking, Inc. was established in 1996 as a distributor of Verco metal decking products. Since then, we have purchased our own roll forming equipment and changed our DBA to Western States Metal Roofing. We are now a manufacturer of metal roofing materials that specialize in selling direct to homeowners and metal roofing contractors.

The concept behind launching MetalCarport.com was to two fold:

  1. Make Ordering Easier – We aim to provide those seeking to build a metal carport on their own for their vehicles, RV, boat, watercraft or trucks an easier way to purchase a kit that includes all the parts necessary to build a carport on their property. By creating carport kits, this takes the guesswork out of ordering and helps to avoid ordering the wrong parts – saving time and money. More importantly, we’ve taken the time to make sure our kits are pre-engineered to meet building codes in Arizona and California.
  2. Make Carports Affordable – Because we are the manufacturer, we inventory metal roofing materials for roofing contractors and use parts sold wholesale to them and bundle them together to create carport kits that can be purchased factory direct. This allows for you to save on the cost of materials when compared to purchasing a carport kit from third party resellers such as home improvement stores and roofing contractors.
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