DIY Metal RV Carport Kits
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Because different states have different building requirements for carports, they must comply with state mandates assuring all structures meet or exceed the minimum life safety standards of codes, laws, and ordinances. Because of this, we have categorized our metal RV carport kits by state to make it easier for you to find the RV carport that meets your needs. The differences in RV carport kits by state can be found when comparing pricing, downloading structural plans or when comparing the materials list. Differences in the materials list when compared to kit by state may include but are not limited to purlin size, number of screws, number of posts, or maximum snow load rating. When considering a metal carport, please note, the number of posts will determine the load per square foot – the more the posts, the heavier the snow load rating. For example, a 2 car 4 post metal carport has a maximum snow load of 20 pounds per square foot. Whereas, a 2 car 6 post metal carport has a maximum snow load of 40 pounds per square foot. Preliminary plans are available for $250 but are not for construction and can not be used to obtain a building permit. Always check with your city concerning local ordinances and building codes before you begin construction or consult with a general contractor.

To begin, please select a state below. If you are outside of Arizona or California, please check your local building code requirements before you make your purchase. If you require further assistance, please contact us here.