Aluminum Carports vs Steel Carports: Pros And Cons

Greater Strength


More Affordable


Greater Corrosion Resistance


More Lightweight


Steel Carport Pros

  • Greater durability
  • More economical than aluminum carports

Greater Durability

Steel has greater structural integrity than aluminum. By being 250% times denser than aluminum, steel is better equipped to handle harsh weather including heavier snow loads and stronger wind. Steel will generally last for a longer time period and not dent as easily as aluminum.

More Economical

Steel is a more cost effective material compared to aluminum. Though the price of steel has been higher than usual over the last two years, you can still expect the price of aluminum to be significantly higher than steel which makes a steel carport kit cost less than an aluminum carport kit.

Steel Carport Cons

  • More susceptible to rusting

More Susceptible To Rusting

The steel that is used on most metal carports is either treated with a galvanized, Galvalume®, or painted finish. This makes it a very corrosion resistant material. However, steel does not have the same corrosion resistance that aluminum has. Aluminum is a material that is better suited for coastal environments where there is ocean sea salt in the air that can cause rust if steel is exposed to it.

Aluminum Carport Pros

  • More lightweight makes for an easier installation
  • Greater corrosion resistance

More Lightweight Makes For An Easier Installation

Aluminum is one of the lightest construction materials and is roughly 3 times lighter than steel which makes it easier to transport, carry, and work with during assembly and installation.

Greater Corrosion Resistance

Aluminum has superior corrosion resistance compared to steel due to its layer of aluminium oxide. The layer aids in protecting the metal from exposure with air and oxygen and does not need to be treated or painted like steel does in order to prevent rust.

Aluminum Carport Cons

  • Less structural strength
  • Can handle less wind load
  • More expensive than steel carports

Aluminum Has Less Structral Strength Than Steel

There is a reason why cars have steel frames and not aluminum ones and that is because of steel’s superior strength. In terms of carports, strength is very important as carports are subject to all of nature’s elements and need to have adequate durability to avoid damage.

While aluminum is more lightweight and malleable compared to steel, those same qualities work against aluminum when it comes to strength. Steel is the material with far greater strength. The softness of aluminum also makes it more prone to denting compared to steel.

Aluminum Carports Can Handle Less Wind Load Than Steel

Since aluminum has less strength than steel, it also cannot withstand the same wind loads and snow loads that steel can. This could lead to an aluminum carport kit failing prematurely if exposed to gale force winds and excessive heavy snow.

If you live in an area with a harsh weather climate, consider using a steel carport instead of aluminum.

Aluminum Carports Are More Expensive Than Steel Carports

The price of both aluminum and steel will fluctuate depending on supply and demand. All things considered, aluminum cost will still be higher than steel and therefore aluminum carports will cost more than steel carports.

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Deciding Between A Steel Or Aluminum Carport Kit

The right carport for you depends on a variety of factors including your climate and budget.

We recommend a steel carport kit when:

  • Lower cost is a top priority
  • You live in an area that has extreme weather conditions

We recommend an aluminum carport kit when:

  • You live in a coastal environment

If you’re looking for a steel carport kit, you can order your kit from in 5 different painted colors, as well as galvalume steel, and 10 different pre-engineered sizes with custom sizing available. We also sell RV carports for any size recreational vehicle.

Ready to get started on assembling your very own steel carport kit? Request a quote for your carport kit today!

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