What Are The Most Common Types Of Metal Carport Roofing? Pros And Cons

If you’ve been researching metal carports, you may have noticed that there are slight variations in style. This is because there is more than one type of roof style for a metal carport which affects its overall appearance.

At MetalCarport.com, we manufacture metal carport kits with flat roofs. However, we know there are other options available on the market. In this article, we go over the differences between the available roof options for metal carports.

Types Of Metal Carport Roofing

  • Flat roof
  • Vertical roof
  • Boxed eave
  • Regular roof carport

First, is a metal carport right for you?

Flat Roof Carport

A carport kit with a flat roof features a simple, straightforward design with a roof that has either no pitch or a low pitch of less than 1”/12”.

Pros Of Flat Roof Carports

  • More affordable
  • Simple installation

Flat Roof Carports Are More Affordable

A flat roof carport has the most simple design with less material needed, and therefore is slightly more economical than an A frame carport.

Flat Roof Carports Are More Simple To Install

Thanks to their straightforward design, flat roof carports require less steps to assemble and have an overall more simple installation process. Flat roof carports are very DIY friendly.

Cons Of Flat Roof Carports

  • Debris can collect on roof

Debris Can Collect On Flat Roofing

A carport with a flat roof has the same challenges that a home with a low pitched roof has when it comes to debris or snow accumulation. Due to lack of pitch, leaves or other debris can collect on the roof. Snow will take longer to run off since there is no pitch to help it slide off.

Vertical Roof Carport

A vertical roof carport features vertically-oriented panels and ridges that run vertically from the ridge to the eaves of the roof. They are built with an A frame design that matches the aesthetic of a traditional house.

Pros Of Vertical Roof Carports

  • Design helps keep roof clear of debris
  • Greater durability in harsh weather

Vertical Roof Design Helps Clear Roof

The ridges running vertically help direct debris, rainwater and snow off the roof of the carport.

Vertical Roof Carports Have Greater Durability In Extreme Weather

The ridge cap and the vertical ridges of a vertical roof gives the carport extra durability in weather such as heavy snow.

Cons Of Vertical Roof Carports

  • More expensive
  • More complex installation

Vertical Roof Carports Are More Expensive

Vertical roof carports require more material, such as a ridge cap at the peak of the roof. This extra material also means that vertical roof carports come at a higher cost than other carport roof styles.

Vertical Roof Carports Have A More Complex Installation

Extra parts not only means extra cost but also additional labor. There are more steps involved, and a longer installation process, for a vertical roof carport.

Boxed Eave Style Carport

A boxed eave style carport roof has eaves and is boxed with siding to provide a more polished appearance.

Boxed Eave Carport Pros

  • Aesthetics
  • More affordable than a vertical roof carport

Boxed Eave Carport Aesthetics

A boxed eave carport has a traditional roof line that matches with a traditional A frame home. If you are looking for a carport for your residence that is less modern and more classic to blend in with your home, a boxed eave carport can provide a look that best matches your property.

Boxed Eave Carports Are More Affordable Than Vertical Roof Carports

Boxed eave carports require less material, such as not needing a ridge cap, compared to vertical roof carports. Saving on material makes a boxed eave roof more affordable than a vertical roof style.

Boxed Eave Carport Cons

  • Horizontal ridges slow the flow of water

Horizontal Ridges Slow The Flow Of Water

The horizontal ridges can stop snow, rain, or debris from sliding off the carport roof. While this is not an issue in milder climates, it may be less desirable in areas with heavy rain or snowfall as you don’t want accumulation on the carport roof that may lead to damage in the future.

Regular Style Carport

A regular style carport, also known as a regular roof carport, has a barn-style with rounded, overhanging edges. Its appearance fits best in agricultural settings.

Regular Style Carport Pros

  • More affordable than vertical and boxed eave style carports

Regular Style Carports Are More Affordable

Regular style carports are often chosen over vertical or boxed eave style carports because they are more affordable.

Regular Style Carport Cons

  • Horizontal panels makes accumulation of snow/rain more likely

Horizontal Panels Keep Snow/ Rain From Falling Off Roof

A regular roof carport features roof panels that are horizontal. This design keeps rainwater and snow from being able to fall off the roof as fast as a vertical roof style carport and could lead to damage from too much accumulation.

Choosing The Right Roof Style For Your Metal Carport

Metal carport roofing comes in a variety of styles to offer a choice of different aesthetic options. However, some of these are also better equipped for certain climates. When choosing the right roof style for your metal carport, consider your budget, climate, and whether or not you will be assembling the carport yourself.

The most do-it-yourself friendly metal carport roof style is the flat roof. Metalcarport.com manufactures metal carport kits with flat roofs in a wide range of sizes and colors to choose from.

Get started on your metal carport kit project today by requesting a free quote.

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