What Is A RV Carport Kit? Pros, Cons, And Cost

Whether your RV is your primary home or your ‘home-away-from-home’, it’s an important asset that you want to take care of so it lasts for years to come. Part of this maintenance includes keeping your motorhome sheltered from the elements. Since most standard RVs are too big to fit in a garage, you need a different solution.

RV-shelters.com manufactures pre engineered and custom RV carport kits in all different sizes to accommodate sheltering any size recreational vehicle or trailer.

In this article, we go into the pros and cons of a RV carport kit as well as go over the cost so you can decide if a RV metal carport is right for you.

Metal RV Carport

What Is A RV Carport Kit?

An RV carport, or RV shelter, is a covering to park your RV under that shields it from the elements that cause damage overtime. A RV carport kit is designed by an engineer but is put together by you. It arrives with the precut metal and instructions you need to fully assemble your RV metal carport.

Pros Of A RV Carport Kit

  • Protection from potential damage
  • Coverage from elements

Protection From Damage

Unlike an RV cover, a regular roof from a metal carport shields your camper from impact if any large branches or debris fell that would result in costly damage. It also acts as a shield from UV rays that can cause cosmetic damage overtime.

Coverage From The Elements

An RV carport provides your recreational vehicle shelter from the elements including rain, high wind, and hail. Protection from the elements is especially beneficial if you live in a cold weather climate that experiences snow as the weight of the snow load could have a negative impact on your RV roof. Moisture that seeps in could also create water damage.

Cons Of A RV Carport Kit

  • No protection from theft
  • Higher cost compared to RV covers

No Theft Protection

Since an RV shelter is just a covering and is not fully enclosed like an RV garage, it does not offer the same level of protection. When it comes to potential theft, you want to ensure you have other RV anti-theft practices in place to ensure the safety of your RV.

RV Carport Kits Have A Higher Cost Than RV Covers

An RV cover is another popular form of protection for RVs from the elements that is usually chosen because of its lower cost and no assembly required. While RV carports are more expensive than RV covers, a steel carport provides better protection from the elements, can handle a greater snow load, and will last much longer.

RV Carport Kit Prices

Most RV carport kits that are designed for one RV will cost $3,000 to $6,000. Larger RV shelters can cost quite a bit more.

RV carport prices vary depending not only on the size but also the finish that you choose. Painted RV carports will cost slightly more than galvalume metal carports. Below are the paint colors currently available for RV carports from WSMR.

Desert Beige

Emerald Green

Koko Brown

Light Gray

Light Stone

Polar White

Sahara Tan

Country Red

RV Carport Sizes

Metal RV carports are available through RVshelters.com in the pre engineered sizes listed below. However, we can also do custom sizes if you don’t see the size you need. When you request a quote, simply specify what custom size you are looking for.

RV Carport Sizes

21’W X 15′-2″D X 15’H (14′ Clearance) 
21’W X 25’D X 15’H (14′ Clearance)
28′-6″W X 15′-2″D X 15’H (14′ Clearance)
28-6″‘W X 25’D X 15’H (14’ Clearance)
36’W X 15′-2″D X 15’H (14′ Clearance)
36’W X 25’D X 15’H (14′ Clearance)
43′-6″W X 15′-2″D X 15’H (14′ Clearance) 
43′-6″W X 25’D X 15’H (14′ Clearance)
51′ X 15′-2″D X 15’H (14′ Clearance) 
51’W X 25’D X 15’H (14′ Clearance)
58′-6″W X 25’D X 15’H (14′ Clearance)

Order Your RV Carport Kit Today

When looking for RV storage, an RV carport kit is an excellent solution if:

  • You are one of the over 11 million US households that is an RV owner.
  • Your recreational vehicle is too large to fit in your garage.
  • You are ready to do a rewarding DIY project.
  • You live in a climate that experiences all seasons and harsh winters.

Metalcarport.com offers easy to assemble metal RV carport kits in 5 different painted colors, as well as galvalume steel, and 11 different pre-engineered sizes with custom sizing available. If you are also looking for a metal carport kit or custom metal carport to protect your other smaller vehicles, we make those too!

Ready to get started on assembling your very own RV metal carport kit? Request a quote for your carport kit today!

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